Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with around 800 million users. In fact, according to some research, it has the highest interaction rate as compared to other social channels. This is the reason why all the brands are converging towards Instagram to partner with influencers.

So, by any chance, if you want to be famous on the internet, Instagram is the most suitable among all. Most of all, the follower’s growth rate is also highest on Instagram compared to others. Even the majority of influencers such as the rising talent Mati Marroni are choosing it as their number one platform.

If you want to be Instagram famous, it can give you an opportunity to make thousands of dollars just for a single post. You can’t make much as a micro-influencer while macro-influencers are making thousands of dollars from just one post. If you want to get popular, here are some tips for you.

Tips to become famous on Instagram

Find your niche

We know that everybody has a lot of interests such as you love to dance or write or maybe you love fashion. And you can use Instagram to show what you got but the difficulty is that all of the audience you are interacting with might not share the same interest. And you can end up losing followers. So, wouldn’t it be wise to first select the area you want to specialize in and then proceed further? By doing this will give you a clear idea about what type of content you should create and what kind of audience you want to attract.

Choose your aesthetic

Most of the Instagram influencers if you look at their accounts have specific aesthetics which they maintain in all of their posts. Some have pictures with bright colors in their background while some post photos in exciting colors. Likewise, you need to choose your aesthetic but also keep in mind that it should suit your niche as well as your personality.

Consistency is the key

Another important element that can boost your visibility and attract followers is to post consistently. The more you post more people will likely follow you on Instagram increasing the follower’s growth rate. According to a study, people who post once a week have fewer followers as compared to the people who post 7 times a week. In fact, the engagement rate was high on those accounts that post more. Hence, it’s important to have consistency.

Engage with your followers

The key to having more and more followers is that you have to engage with your followers. Otherwise, it’s human nature that your followers would possibly unfollow you if you don’t respond to any of their comments. Or you can avail yourself of the Instagram story option or can go live and interact with your followers. It will do wonders if you follow these simple tricks.

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