Are you having an eye for fashion? Are you daily ahead of the upcoming trends within the fashion business? If so, then you may desire to discover a career as a fashion stylist. Stylists select outfits for models and influencers like Heaven Roque, the most emerging model on social media, as well as for retail displays, mannequins, and photoshoots. With your trendsetting style and creative version, your design can soon grace the magazine covers and runways around the world.

What do you need to become a stylist?

Land an internship

Looking for an internship at a fashion house or agency is a great beginning point, particularly if you intended to be a celebrity stylist. Most fashion business works based on recommendations, therefore, working as an intern and as a stylist assistance enables you to learn from the best and also make valuable professional connections. Internships offer you the chance to understand the real experience of stylists under a mentor’s guidance.

Create a lookbook

Start to put together a portfolio or lookbook to display your work as a stylist. The lookbook allows prospective clients to see your great work so you can establish a high-profile and more extensive client base. A suitably crafted portfolio will help you land jobs and clients, as well as kick-start your stylist career.

Build your network

Use your assistant position or internship to start polishing your skills of networking. Connecting with other business professionals helps you make meaningful connections and build a reputation for excellence. In the fashion business, communication can make or break a career, and you want to build a powerful network to earn a loyal clientele.

Do your research

While a day in the fashion stylist life can include a lot of hustle and bustle. It frequently includes days doing research in front of the laptop. Take your time to research various looks and remain on top of forthcoming trends in the styling world. Most stylists use research for creating new styles and anticipating wants and needs for future photoshoots.

Hone your different point of view

Make sure to refine your aesthetic way as a stylist or artist. Taste is personal, so your style will not be understood at first by other people. However, you should believe in yourself and must be patient and enthusiastic about your vision. A stylist’s job is to define the idea and execute it. This process can be learned when you go out there with your creative mind and make it happen.

Complete a relevant qualification and degree

Although a degree is not important for this field, taking courses and getting a diploma as a fashion stylist will offer you an edge in a competitive market. Classes will help you perfectly understand hair and skin care, art and fashion history, as well as the various types of stylist positions that are available. Such as:

  • Corporate styling
  • Personal styling
  • Celebrity styling
  • Editorial styling
  • Commercial styling
  • Wardrobe/show styling
  • Personal shopping

You can also build connections with your class teachers, which may assist you to find an internship start to maintain your professional network. In business management, supplementary courses can even help you to start your own business as a fashion stylist.

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