Are you thinking about how to get more followers and become popular on TikTok like Hannah Pruitt, who became an influencer and achieve success?.

Here are 6 Tips:

In this article, we will share some tips on how to become a famous TikToker.

Continuously post high-quality content

Like most platforms of social media, continuously posting content is key for getting more followers on TikTok.

It’s great to post at least once per day. It may sound like much, but honestly, you can’t actually post a lot on TikTok.

If you are a TikToker, making long-form content, then it’s best to post 2-3 times per week.

Don’t expect also to get popular by posting junk frequently. Your content always should be of high quality. Nobody will want low-quality content in their feed.

Find your niche

The idea of being liked by everyone on TikTok is really fun to imagine, but it’s a little more realistic to find a niche and stick with it.

Consider the kind of followers you want and create videos that appeal to them. To find your niche, combine 2 to 3 things that interest you.

If you have a niche and you are posting high-quality content on daily basis, then you will ultimately get many followers, even if they are completely not interested in the niche aspect.

It’s good to be creative and unique, but if you are looking to gain more followers, you need to jump on trends.

Identify the upcoming trends and create some content as soon as possible. Trends may involve using the type of joke, visual effects, or a current song. Keep an eye on what type of prospective trends are in your feed, and join in on the fun. Just ensure to keep it high-quality.

Embrace who you are

Your content doesn’t need to be all about what everybody thinks is funny or cute. It needs to be genuine and real. Share it with the people even if you have not looked other TikTokers with that kind of humour or style.

Don’t be scared to share your point of view and opinions. Some people will surely agree with you and respect your bravery for going against the grain.

Take inspiration from your fellow TikTokers, but remain true to yourself and share your unique personality. 

Connect with other TikTokers

There are many TikTokers who want to become popular, but not everybody sees it as a competition. Be friendly to other TikTokers. Connect with them to form friendships and collaboration.

A few easy ways to engage with your fellow TikTokers are by liking their accounts, sending messages, and leaving comments.

Collaborate with brands

If you are not aware of brand collaboration, then It’s when a brand hires a creator of content (like a TikToker) to make branded content for them. Certainly, you have seen videos and photos using specific products. That content was sponsored by the brands that create those products. That is called a brand collaboration. Brand collaboration is an excellent way to make amazing content and get paid for it. This is a win-win situation.

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