First, you need to identify your skin type, is it oily or dry? It will make it easy for you to buy skincare or beauty products. Obviously, with changing season, you have to change your skincare routine as well. But make sure you have the right products otherwise an incorrect product or hack can ruin your skin.

Here we will be talking about the morning routine. What you should do to take care of your skin in the morning. Keep one thing in mind that it’s not what you are using, it’s about how you are using it or the order you are applying it. Make sure to apply beauty products in the most effective way to get good results.

You can also have amazing and glowing skin like the beauty influencer Lauren Burch. If you really want it. Here are some tips for you to achieve what you want.

Useful tips for morning skincare routine

Use only water to cleanse

The first step is to cleanse your face with just water. Don’t apply anything just water and see if it’s doing any good to your skin. Wondering why am I telling you to use water only? Because with our busy routine when we come after a long day from work or anywhere we remove everything and most importantly makeup. While removing makeup we cleanse and do a proper nighttime routine. So, that’s why try to use just water to cleanse your face in the morning.

After that use a toner

The next step is to apply toner to your face and it will work as a water barrier for all the things that come next. You can use an essential oil like lavender or rose as a toner which is great and help the actives to penetrate into the skin well.

Apply a serum

Now is the time for serum. They are said to be the brightening products or correctors. You should apply serum first so it can keep in the skin and then the actives and let it sit for a few minutes before proceeding further.

Apply moisturizer

Then after the serum apply the moisturizer on your skin. You can use cream and if doesn’t suit you. There is another option and that is plant oil. If you are wondering how to apply moisturizer, here is your answer. You need to apply it in the upward direction and repeat the process for a few minutes. It helps products absorb deep into the skin and you can also enjoy a few minutes of massage. So, why not?

Last but not least: the sunscreen

When you live in a city where during the summer season the sun gets really cruel. Sunscreen is really important even if you are going to a shop that is just a few minutes away. But ensure that you are using quality sunscreen which can protect your skin instead of damaging it.

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