The offset quadrant shower enclosure and tray can be a great choice when you have little extra space available. Even with this extra space, you still want a quadrant shape enclosure because of its various benefits. While there are many options available for the shower enclosures. You cannot use every shape in all bathroom types. Therefore, you will need to choose the most appropriate option. Among these shapes, a quadrant is a unique enclosure. It has half circle curvy shape, which saves space and looks great at the same time. Because of their shape, these are a top picks for small to medium bathrooms. Before digging into the advantages and perks of these enclosures for a bathroom, we must know what a quadrant shape of the shower enclosure really is.

Imperial 760 x 760mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure 6mm - Double Sliding Doors
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What is an Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

Offset quadrant shower enclosure and tray is a cubicle or curved-shape frontage of one or more glass panels with a shower installed in it. The offset cubicles are designed to be installed in the corner of your bathroom.  They either come with hinge or sliding shower doors or are completely enclose with shower door seals, that fit in with the curved shape. Shower door seals tightly attaches to prevent any leakage of water. To complement these enclosures, you need a similar design shower tray. These have designs in the same shape as quadrant so you can fit them easily into the space. 

Advantages of Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure and Tray

Now that we know what an offset quadrant shower enclosure and a tray are, comes the real topic of why should we have them installed in our bathrooms? What are their advantages? What benefits should we look up to? So let me tell you this has more in it than you can think of.

More Showering Space

Living in common households, we experience the lack of showering space due to our cramped bathrooms which cause uneasiness. The tight environment of the room prevents us from enjoying our shower time. 

This is where quadrant shower enclosure and tray come into play. They provide extra showering space while also leaving the rest of the bathroom to walk freely. The curved edges of a quadrant shower enclosure are an extra as it creates more space and ambiance. 

Competitive Rates

Many companies and industries are manufacturing offset quadrant shower enclosures which means there is quite high competition in the market. The stronger competition is, the cheaper the rates will be. 

This means you can have your quadrant shower enclosure set up in your bathroom at an affordable price and save some pennies for your other shopping.

Elegant and Designs

Do you worry about the way your bathroom looks and are not satisfy? Well, you don’t need to anymore! Because quadrant shower enclosures come in beautiful and elegant designs and give a desirable look to your bathrooms. 

Glass panels are usually made out of different glass types that either refract or reflect light or components of it. This makes your bathroom appear even more astonishing.

Hassle-free Cleaning

On the contrary to quadrant showers, squared and rectangular enclosures require two or more glass panels. Whereas quadrant shower cubicles only feature a single unit of a curved glass panel. Which helps in easier cleaning and maintenance.

Dry floors

Since there is no leakage or splatter of water, the rest of the bathroom floor remains dry and your bathroom does not form any scum due to the wetness. Which again contributes to easier cleaning. 

There are many other advantages of having quadrant shower cubicles other than the ones enlist above which can intrigue you to have it installed in your bathroom.

Guidelines to Buy the Right Quadrant Shower Enclosure and Tray

Whilst buying a shower enclosure you must check the quality of the glass. Thick glass panels are preferred over thinner ones. Whether you want a budgeted 4 mm for a family household or a frameless 10mm for a swanky apartment, there are tonnes of models that suit your need. 

But always choose a glass of premium quality as it is one of the things you should never compromise on. Moreover, always inspect the Pipelines of the shower before installation. If you find any disturbance, call the plumber and get it checked immediately.

To end with a final note, a quadrant shower enclosure and tray are a very affordable and suitable option for your bathroom.

Are You Looking for Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure and Tray?

 In this article, we have a discussion about offset quadrant shower enclosure and tray. These can be great looking enclosures suitable for all types of baths. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have all types of bathroom fittings available at lower prices. You can visit our website and get the latest deals for all your bathroom makeover needs. Have a Good Day!

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