Shower enclosures are a new trend in bathrooms in the UK. It is a kind of separate private area specific for showers. Hence the biggest problem faced by people in the water splashes going out of the shower area. The shower cabins can solve these problems. In modern times, it is not only trendy because of its functionality but also because of its aesthetics. The enclosures for shower areas are usually in the movies, newspapers, and TV plays that play a part in their popularity. The trend of replacing a bath with an enclosure is noticeable. However, one thing is to note that if your bathroom is too small, the cubicles may not be a great idea. Most of the styles go perfectly with the medium and large size spaces. 

In this article, we will have a detailed discussion of shower enclosures. 

What Are the Shower Enclosures?

Almost everyone has seen it, at least on Tv and in newspapers. Or some of you may already have these in one bathroom. These are the shower cabins, a designated area for the shower. I enclose it from all sides, so the water remains limited to it. It is usually a cubicle that is made by combining glass panels. Depending on the place you want to fix, these can be one or more in numbers. 

Things That Includes in Shower Enclosures. 

Whenever you plan to install a shower enclosure for your bathroom, it is important to know that there are three fundamental things that are an essential part of enclosure fittings. These include as follows.

  • Glass Panels.  The first thing that you will notice is that the cubicle essentially has glass panels. Those are actually walls to enclose the area. These have the shapes according to requirements of its own design and the area where these are supposed to install. So, in short words, these are walls of enclosure made with glass. 
  • Shower Tray.  Another important part of an enclosure is the shower tray. It is the base of every cabin. The glass walls stand on it. And all water collects and drains through it. It is the sturdy base where you can stand while showering without the risk of slipping. These should be in the same shape and design as your enclosure. Almost all types of cubicles need these except the wet rooms that are at the floor level and designed for open access. 
  • Shower Doors. In order to provide access into the shower area, there are doors that are also an important part of it. These also have different shapes and sizes. Not every door will be perfect for every style of enclosure. Therefore you will need to see which one fits best as per your specific requirements. 

Is Glass Shower Enclosure Safe from Risk of Breakage?

Since it make the walls of an enclosure with glass, many people feel concerned about the risk of their breakage. The thing is that glass enclosures are very safe. The glass that uses for making them is not standard glass but tempered one. It is a special type that is hard to break, can sustain temperature variations, and even if it breaks, pieces are too small to cause any harm. So, the concern about the safety of the glass is unrealistic. 

Is Shower Enclosure Glass Thickness Matters?

Many people think that while getting an enclosure, it is important to choose the more thickness that ranges from 4 to 8mm. Thinking that the thicker glass will be better and safer is not right. It is because thickness will make your enclosure bulkier. It will not make them sturdy. So, I recommended it not to waste money or go after thicker glass panels. It will not make any difference. The standard thickness of 4 mm is suitable and safe for many enclosures. 

What is the Different Shower Enclosure Types?

The most important thing that you will need to choose while getting an enclosure is the type and style that you want. Here are various enclosure options available in the market. 

  • Quadrant. These have a curvy frontage that gives them a unique round shape in comparison to others. It is a space-saving design hence suitable for small to medium enclosures. 
  • Offset Quadrant. It is the same curvy round front as the standard quadrant cubicle. But with larger overall sides making them a spacious option that is suitable for many bathrooms. 
  • Rectangular. It is a popular design for medium to large bathrooms. With the right and left sides longer than the front and end, it is a great pick if you have enough space. 
  • Square.  It has all of its four sides of the same size. These are also a great option for medium to large bathrooms. 

Are You Planning for a Shower Enclosure Installation?

Are you looking for a shower enclosure installation in one of your bathrooms? We hope that our article will be helpful in answering your main questions about these. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have all types of shower cubicles available at competitive prices. Have a good day.

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