Our canine companions provide us with a lot of joy. Still, because all dogs are susceptible to making mistakes when terrified, hurt, or confused, dog attacks remain a constant concern in modern society. In America, the elderly are the second most prevalent victims of dog bites. 

Often, the elder is attacked while gardening or getting the mail on their property. This is likely because elders may appear weaker or slower than others, making them easier targets. Because most attacks on seniors are unprovoked, such cases can be difficult to resolve. If a dog has wounded you or a loved one, you should immediately contact an attorney. To learn more, head over to brianazemikalaw.com today. 

According to Nebraska Revised Statute 54-601, every dog owner is liable for any injuries and damages caused by their dogs. This provision does not apply to the police or military animals executing responsibilities or if the hurt person was unlawfully trespassing on the dog owner’s land at the time. 

Legal Options for elderly dog bite victims 

When attacked, it is natural for elders to sustain more damage than younger people because they are often physically incapable of defending themselves. Seniors with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, mobility issues, and other health challenges face additional dangers since the stress caused by a dog attack is more likely to trigger heart attacks, strokes, and even wrongful death. 

After a dog bite, consult a lawyer as quickly as possible to learn about your legal options. Most states protect victims from all types of dogs. This can include the dog jumping on people, trashing property, and biting. Any damage or injuries are the dog owner’s responsibility. 

Legal process after a dog attack 

Never confront or touch a dog you do not know, especially if it is loose. Even if a dog is accompanied by its owner, it is still advisable to ask before touching it. This could be because the dog has a history of biting or being dangerous. In either case, you are legally protected. 

If a dog has attacked you, the first thing you should do is get medical assistance. Medical personnel will treat your wound and help prevent illness transmission. You should also document the incident by noting the dog owner’s name, phone number, and insurance details, if possible. If you feel compelled to file a report with the authorities, do so immediately. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible after the attack to improve your chances of receiving adequate compensation. 

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