Early discovery and preservation of crucial evidence can make or break your case if your loved one suffers a catastrophic injury in an accident. Choosing the appropriate law company can help you or your loved one recover from losses and future requirements after an accident. After hiring the right law company, early accident site investigation and evidence preservation are crucial to a successful case. Shepherdsville Personal Injury Lawyer can help!

Before evidence is gone and recollections are tainted, you should hire a law company. 

Claims against powerful entities like the government, public officials and the police department, huge trucking firms, and national or worldwide enterprises are incredibly challenging since evidence may be lost, buried, or purposely destroyed.

After a catastrophic injury, the possibly culpable parties immediately “reconstruct” the accident to determine who was responsible. It is crucial to choose a law firm with a history of success in catastrophic injury lawsuits and the resources and skills to take rapid, responsive, and decisive steps on your behalf, such as:

  • Accident investigation. 

First, examine the accident scene and take photos and videos. To determine the average amount and kind of traffic, investigate the location at the same time of day as the accident and talk to anyone who works or lives in the neighborhood who may have witnessed the accident.

  • Taking witness statements. 

After an accident, talk to eyewitnesses as soon as possible while their memories and impressions are still fresh and uncontaminated by time or by those who might not have the best for you in mind. Record witness testimonies for future reference if they are willing. Time fades details.

  • Obtaining local surveillance footage. 

In case of a break-in, many homes and businesses have cameras. Security footage might help prove or disprove a witness’s account of an accident. However, these videos may be erased or overwritten if not obtained immediately.

  • Obtaining accident-related 911 calls. 

911 calls can disclose a lot about the accident and the caller’s state of mind, but they may only be stored for a short time, so they must be requested and retrieved soon.

  • Inspecting accident automobiles before repair or scraping. 

Expert witnesses must know a vehicle’s damage to determine blame and if the accident caused the injury.

  • Consulting experts. 

Medical doctors, vocational specialists, and accident reconstruction experts are critical early witnesses for your attorney to hire.

  • Obtaining medical records and encouraging prompt medical treatment. 

Getting timely and proper medical treatment after an accident is crucial to ensuring the best possible healthcare outcome and establishing a history of injury and all appropriate and required future medical treatment.

If a government agency, trucking company, or business is involved, you must immediately request that any accident evidence be retained and not deleted, modified, altered, corrected, or amended.

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