Studying, learning, and relearning is a routine process in every student’s life. To achieve high in academics and perform well, every learner puts maximum effort. Every student studies daily, and it has become a habit. Yet, one fails in achieving the set goals and feels disappointed. Students must note that studying daily and making it a habit will not work out, but instead, changing the study methods, techniques, and implementing new study habits will definitely yield good grades. In this article, let us throw some light on how to improve study habits. 

Listen to the lecture

All students tend to listen to the lecture given by the teacher or professor at the initial stage of the class, and by the end of the class, most of the learners tend to phase out and sit idle. This is the major mistake that a student makes. Listening to the lecture is the utmost vital part of the study habit. The learner can gain and understand most of the concepts and theories just by listening to the lecture given during the class hours. Paying attention during the lecture has many advantages like it improves the listening skills, simultaneously taking down the notes yield improvement in writing skills and time management. 

Create a study group

A friend’s group is common in schools and colleges. One can also make a study group where each member of the group studies a concept and explains it to others. In this manner, every member in the group will have the opportunity to showcase their ideas, examples and new ideas that can bring out new innovative ideas. Everyone will be interested in studies and explaining things in a healthy and fun environment. A particular day can be selected for each subject, and group discussions can be done. One can also ask a few questions related to various subjects like english questions on grammar and literature, maths puzzles and many more. This type of study helps in developing communication skills and leadership qualities. 

Ask for assistance

Every student has some strengths and weak points in academics. Few may be good at science and few at maths. One who is not good at maths can ask for help from the one who is good at that subject. Seeking help and resolving the queries is not a big deal. Each and everyone faces difficulties in grasping and understanding the topics. One has to ask the teacher or friend for clarifications. By asking and clearing the doubts then and there itself, the learner will develop an interest in the subject and his urge to learn more and more increases. 

Stick to a regular study schedule

Sticking to a regular study schedule makes the study routine easier. One has to know which subject one is going to study and the topics that are to be covered for the day. The schedule should be made in such a way that it must be accomplished within the allotted time frame. One must not pile up several tasks at one particular time. For instance, if one has allotted one hour to solve a commerce question, then one must finish that task during the allotted time. Planning out the schedule helps in time management and also reduces stress. 

Take a break

Studying continually with a short break in between exhibits that productivity increases. Breaking down the longer schedule into painless chunks helps to remain focused and keeps the mind engaged on the subject at hand. One can take a break after every 45 minutes to one hour of study to feel relaxed. The break can be 5-10 minutes. During this break, one can have some fresh air, stretch the body, and have a glass of water.

Studying daily for long hours will not bring good grades in the examination. One can study for a few hours a day but studying with appropriate study habits and implementing the proper stud methods helps in scoring high. One has to make sure a fixed study routine according to one’s learning style and habits can never make the process of studying boring and tiresome. The study plan of the learner must be in such a way that it develops an interest in studies and engages mind and body. A relaxed study schedule with all activities such as games, sports, hobbies, and sufficient time for study is the perfect study habit of the learner. 

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