The holiday season is here and so is the time to re watch all your favorite holiday movies of all times. Holiday movies are fun-filled, feel good movies with a lesson. These movies are perfect to watch when you are with you family and want to spend some quality time together. 

Here are some of our favorite movies that are old time classics and new ones that are fun, romantic, feel-good, and give out important life lessons. 

The Princess Switch 

The Princess Switch is from the newer holiday movies and is based on a Christmas holiday. An ordinary girl from Chicago goes with her best friend to Belgravia for a Christmas baking competition. She bumps into a duchess who is her doppelganger. The duchess sees it as an opportunity to live one week of a normal life and requests her to switch roles for one week. The two switch places and live each other’s lives where they fall in love with each other’s potential partners. The movie is fun, and a light watch and gives you those holiday vibes.  The two other parts of this movie are also equally fun and interesting. 

The Holiday Calendar 

This is a movie about a photographer Abby, who inherits a mysterious Christmas calendar from her grandfather. The calendar predicts the future for Abby, which annoys her because she hates her job as a holiday photographer, and the person she is going out with is a cheater. Photography for Abby and photography for other people is completely different. Due to this, all the unfortunate events that happen to her take her further away from the person she should be with, and the life she should be living. The movie is a beautiful Christmas movie with a beautiful happy ending that gives the message of hope. 

Home Alone

This is the best and the most fun Christmas movies of all times. The movie is about a kid who is left behind at home alone while his whole family is out for a vacation. As he wakes up to an empty home, the brat realizes that his wish of living without a family has come true, but soon after he realizes that there are two people in his house to rob the residence. He suddenly has a sense of responsibility to save the house and with the help of his toys, the 8 year old boy counters the two robbers. The movie is quite popular and everyone’s favorite, and if you have a TV at home, play this classic and watch it with your family because this is the best time of the year to do that. We suggest getting RCN TV because it is a digital TV service and it allows you to watch movies and shows in the best print, that too in affordable rates. 

The Polar Express 

Based on a children’s storybook The Polar Express is a fascinatingly animated movie, which tells the journey of a boy who is at the age where he no more believes in Santa’s existence. The boy takes a train ride to the North Pole on the Polar Express. On his journey, the boy learns about friendship, bravery and the spirit of Christmas. The movie is a nostalgic masterpiece, and apart from the story being extra ordinary, the animation wins the game for this one. 

While You Were Sleeping 

A romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock can never go wrong. While You Were Sleeping is movie about a lonely transit worker Lucy who finds her longtime crush on the path of a railway track and takes him to the hospital. Peter is in comma and when his family arrives they start believing that Lucy is his fiancé due to a miscommunication. Lucy is unable to clear it out and soon becomes like a family member to Peter’s family. Things get complicated when Lucy finds herself falling for Peter’s brother, Jack. The movie is fun and gives out major feel good Christmas vibes when lonely Lucy who has no family finds people who care about her. The movie starts at around Christmas time and ends at New Year’s Eve. It perfectly balances both humor and real life struggles, which makes it a must watch. 

Christmas is that time of the year when you reunite with your family and friends to spend quality time together and have fun. Movie nights are a part of those fun filled cozy nights and everyone loves to watch them with their loved ones. These holiday movies are family friendly, they give you great life lessons and some of these movies are a constant episode of fun and unlimited laughter. Along with fun and laughter, these movies discuss real life struggles and lessons for kids as well as adults. So, don’t wait and plan your movie nights now to re watch all your favorite Christmas holiday movies. 

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