Nerf guns: Is there ever a foul time to play with the most effective Nerf guns? The answer, obviously, is no. That’ why we’ve rounded up our favourite Nerf blasters here, and you’ll notice recommendations that ought to suit all ages and budget below.

irrespective of what you go for, the best issue concerning the best Nerf guns is that the proven fact that they’ll be used inside or outdoors at any time of year (unlike the best water guns, that are plenty additional seasonal). In addition, there’ a reasonably ridiculous form of Nerf blasters on supply these days. With multiple ranges that cater to totally different audiences, it’ a dart-firing gold-mine. That’ solely turning into additional true the additional into the year we tend to go.

As Associate in Nursing example, an all-new quite Nerf working person is slated to hit shelves this year – the Nerf professional Gelfire Mythic comes out this November 1 and options soft rounds that burst safely on impact and don’t ought to be cleansed up afterwards. It’ additionally the explanation we’ve tried to slender things down with this list.

to assist you get all-time low price, you’ll notice the most recent discounts on this page as well. Our bargain-hunting computer code is continually on the lookout for deals, therefore value cuts on the most effective Nerf guns are displayed aboard every blaster.

1. Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD 6

1.Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6
The best Nerf gun overall
Ammo type: Elite dartsCapacity: 6 darts
+Tactical rails for accessories
-Only carries six darts

Don’t be fooled by this Nerf blaster’ size; it packs a punch and toes the road well between value and sensible old style fun. This revolver-style possibility is affordable nonetheless amazingly accurate, and it will unleash a satisfying barrage of darts in one go once you’ve force back the priming slider (refreshingly, it isn’t a one-shot wonder).

Plus, the Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 has skillfulness to spare. plan of action rails enable you to add various accessories you have got to|must you} want to upgrade down the road, and able to} clip on everything from scopes to raised grips if you have the budget or inclination. you’ll even add a shoulder rest if you would like to level up what’s already one among the most effective Nerf guns. once combined with its cowboy-esque loading mechanism, it’ a thereforelid all-rounder.

Alright, so it solely carries six darts at a time. however that creates choosing them up once more less of a chore, we tend to suppose. a formidable vary of twenty seven meters suggests that you’ll be able to hit foes from ages away whereas they’re still underestimating your working person, too.

2. Nerf N Strike Elite Jolt

2.Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt
The best cheap Nerf gun
Ammo type: Elite darts-Capacity: Single shot
+Very cheap
+Still packs a punch
-One dart at a time

ought to keep things low cost and cheerful? This pocket-sized blaster is that the best Nerf gun on the market. Sitting pretty at all-time low value purpose on this list, it’ spot-on for beginners, younger children, or as a throwaway gift to your friends.

Despite being a single-shot blaster that has got to be reloaded with new darts when every shot, the Jolt is additionally punchy enough to be taken seriously. It won’t strike worry into the hearts of your enemies sort of a Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 significant machine gun, however that simply provides you the component of surprise.

owing to the Jolt’ tiny size, it’ fantastic as a final resort as well. Out of darts for your main Nerf working person? This discreet throw is what you would like during a pinch. There aren’t several moving elements to jam or get broken either, therefore it’ ideal for rough-and-tumble youngsters who are perpetually on the go.

3. Nerf Fortnite AR L Elite

3.Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite
The best mid-range Nerf gun
Ammo type: Elite dartsCapacity: 10-dart clip
+Looks just like the game version
+Flip-up sights
-Requires batteries

mixing one among the foremost fashionable video games of all time with one of the most beloved toy brands, this Nerf blaster is right for fans of either. That’ as a result of it’ not simply a cool Fortnite crossover; it’ a superb Nerf gun in general.

supported the Fortnite Assault Rifle, this working person has all the temperament of that series because of outsized proportions and a bright, here-I-am color-scheme. However, it’ what’ within that basically impresses. The AR-L options a motorized mechanism which will fireplace darts quicker than normal, creating it a really cool piece of kit if you’ll keep it equipped batteries.

Elsewhere, the AR-L offers utility thanks to flip-up sights that accompany a stock for bracing against your shoulder and a 10-dart clip for fast reloading. It’ well a favorite for any list of the most effective Fortnite Nerf guns.

4. Nerf Ultra Select

4.Nerf Ultra Select
The best premium Nerf gun
Ammo type: Ultra distance + Ultra accuracyCapacity: 20 darts
+Clever dual-clip system
+Cool design

There are many Nerf guns that are costlier than this one, however the radical choose gets our vote because the prime premium possibility as a result of it’ still (relatively) affordable, appearance awesome, and features a sensible gimmick that really makes it well worth the further cost.

This Nerf working person will specifically what it says on the tin; it carries 2 separate magazines with distinctive sorts of dart, and you’ll then ‘elect’ whichever one you would like to fireside on the fly. which means you’ll use radical arms with accumulated vary for giving birth down suppressing cowl before instantly switch to a new, alternate radical dart if you want additional accuracy. It’ a novelty, sure, however it’ a novelty with sensible uses.

A powered gunlock helps push the radical choose over the edge. It hurls out shots quickly and accurately once fuelled by batteries, golf stroke it head and shoulders on top of Nerf’ cheaper alternatives.

5. Nerf Ultra Pharaoh

5.Nerf Ultra Pharaoh
The best long-range Nerf gun
Ammo type: Aerofin Ultra dartsCapacity: 10-dart clip
Check Amazon
+120ft range
+Gold embellishments
+Not too unwieldy
-Can be expensive

If you like to stay your foes at a distance, the radical ruler is a dream return true. giving a staggering vary of up to 120ft, it’ the last word precision rifle from Nerf.

because the poster-child of Nerf’ Aerofin radical foam darts, this working person could be able to shoot farther than something that’ precede it – little or no will match the ruler in terms of sheer distance covered. because of a bolt-action system, it’ additionally pretty satisfying to reload.

Festooned with gold gildings that flatter the orange, black, and white style nicely, the Pharaoh is a handsome beast too. once combined with those spectacular new darts, it’ got performance and appears nailed down.

6. Nerf Minecraft Pillagers Crossbow

6.Nerf Minecraft Pillager’s Crossbow
The best Nerf crossbow
Ammo type: Elite dartsCapacity: 3 darts
+Decent range
+Satisfying to prime
+Blocky Minecraft design
-Hard to aim

The Pillager’ bow isn’t what we expected it to be. If anything, it’ better. albeit it’s ungainly and imprecise, this is often a strong working person with enough vary to convey you a fighting probability in soft-play battle.

Despite being supported the Minecraft weapon, Nerf’ latest crossbow carries 3 Elite darts which will be discharged one when the opposite in fast succession – merely pull back the lever, squeeze the trigger, and watch your arms catapult itself across the area at shocking speeds. once we went active with this Nerf gun, we tend to were averaging distances of concerning twenty meters per shot.

i used to be affected by the speed and intensity

GamesRadar+ review
Sure, it’ not the best working person to aim because of a scarcity of sights. And yes, different crossbows from Nerf (like 2014′ Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow) keep company with a rather bigger capacity. however this newcomer can have your opponents on the run in brief order nonetheless.

7. Nerf Fortnite TS 1

7.Nerf Fortnite TS-1
The best Nerf shotgun
Ammo type: Mega dartsCapacity: 4 darts
+Fortnite styling
+Mega darts
-Slow to reload

Fortnite organic process with Nerf could be a match created in heaven; the battle royale is each inventive and wacky once it involves arms design, creating for unforgettable toys that stand out from different blasters within the Nerf stable. They’re instantly identifiable as things from the game, too. These aren’t low cost reskins with a contemporary coat of paint.

The TS-1 could be a nice example. galvanized by Fortnite’ plan of action Shotgun, it’s going to also are wrenched from the screen and born into real life. There are a few of various versions to settle on from (including one with artiodactyl targets), however every of them is a pump-action heavyweight with many stopping power.

That’ because of the very fact it uses Mega darts. These are larger than customary Nerf ammo, that the TS-1 fits a singular role on this list of the most effective Nerf guns – it’ easier to hit things with, creating it Delawarecent} alternative for younger Nerf warriors.

8. Nerf N Strike Elite Retaliator

8.Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator
The best modular Nerf gun
Ammo type: Elite dartsCapacity: 12-dart clip
Check Amazon
+4-in-1 blaster
+12-dart clip
-Hard to find in some regions

If you can’t decide that Nerf working person to get, why not prefer one which will get it on all? beginning out as a handgun and scaling up to a large assault rifle, the aggressor has four configurations for bigger personalization. It’ the pièce de résistance of standard style and is {one of|one among|one during all|one amongst|one in every of} the most effective Nerf guns because of that ‘more is more’ mentality.

because of a variety of over seventy feet, this utility doesn’t return at the expense of performance. It’ capable of holding its own in a Nerf battle, and therefore the presence of a plan of action rail permits you to feature your own scopes as well.

though it’ more durable to seek out these days than it once was, the hassle is worthwhile. and fortunately enough for us, the aggressor depends on Elite darts that are wide – nonetheless cheaply – available. need to top off on further ammo? You’ll be ready to get them in bulk at little or no cost.

9. Super Soaker DartFire

9.Super Soaker DartFire
The best combi-Nerf gun
Ammo type: Elite darts/waterCapacity: 5 darts & 1.1L of water
+Uses water too
+Fair capacity
+Decent range
-Only carries 5 darts

need most flexibility to travel with worth for money? this feature is ideal for decent summer days outside. transfer along Nerf and its Hasbro-owned sibling, the Super Soaker, this option shoots water from a 40floz tank whereas additionally firing 5 Nerf darts from a barrel at the top. It’ the most effective of each worlds.

Helpfully, the DartFire uses cheaper Nerf Elite darts as well. These are the quality ammo-type for many of the best Nerf guns, so you ought to don’t have any hassle finding and stocking au fait these foam bullets in bulk.

The Super Soaker a part of the DartFire is not any slouch either. powered by a 40-fluid ounce (1.1 liter) capacity, it’ capable of shooting water up to thirty eight feet throughout a battle. Considering this blaster’ price, that’ swell going.

10. Nerf Hyper Mach 100

10.Nerf Hyper Mach 100
The best Nerf gun for pros
Ammo type: Hyper roundCapacity: Up to 100 rounds
+Fast fire-rate
+Larger capacity
+Easy reloads
-Loads of rounds to pick up

wanting to require your Nerf battles to following level? The Hyper line is custom for the competitive scene and can give a additional powerful, precise blaster; it’ a contestant for the highest spot of the most effective Nerf guns around because of high-impact foam pellets and motorized insides.

whereas different working persons feature powered mechanisms, this takes things to following level. also as rounds that fireside at one hundred ten feet per second, it provides enormous, easy-reload arms hoppers to assist you keep within the game for longer. plan of action rails leave you area to store further rounds, too.

Basically, this is often more of a grown-up Nerf blaster for tournament play and Nerf Arena. If you would like a decent expert to visualize you thru such intense competitions, the Ernst Mach a hundred is a superb choice.

11. Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm

11.Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm
A great choice for budget-conscious Nerf warriors
Ammo type: Elite dartsCapacity: 6 darts
+Not too heavy
-Only six darts

If you would like to induce your hands on one among the most effective Nerf guns while not breaking the bank (or having to place up with one thing large that’ll take up many room), the Elite Strongarm is perfect. This revolver working person is affordable nonetheless amazingly accurate, and it won’t weigh you down either. It’ the best gift for a child or your own inner child.

though it’s going to not boast a laundry-list of features, the Strongarm still makes a bearing because of its cool six-chamber loading mechanism and spectacular 75ft range. which means you’ll be able to keep foes at a distance despite this blaster’ modest size.

In addition, the Elite Strongarm includes a plan of action rail for adding accessories later on. which means you’ll snap on scopes or different extras if you would like to upgrade.

12. Nerf Fortnite RL

12.Nerf Fortnite RL
The best Nerf gun rocket launcher (?!)
Ammo type: Rocket dartsCapacity: Single-shot
Check Amazon
+It’s a Nerf rocket launcher
+No, seriously. ROCKET. LAUNCHER.
+Fun Fortnite design
-Carrying rockets is a faff

OK, therefore this isn’t a standard blaster. however return on. It’ a freakin’ Nerf rocket launcher. that creates it one among the most effective Nerf guns in terms of cool-factor alone. need to intimidate your opponents? this is often the thanks to do it.

Seeing as it’ supported the Fortnite weapon in particular, the RL is unconventional too. With a shark face to travel with tongue-in-cheek Xs and Os on the barrel, it’ an attention grabbing toy that’ certain to flip heads. the brilliant inexperienced paint helps it stand out as well; it’ a true showstopper.

Naturally, the RL doesn’t apply traditional darts. American state no – it calls upon one thing additional impressive. large foam rockets, in fact. Marvellous.

13. Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2 in 1

13.Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1
The best 2-in-1 Nerf gun
Ammo type: Elite darts and rocketsCapacity: 10-dart clip & single-shot rocket
+Best of both worlds
+Fires foam rockets too
-Rockets are awkward to carry

Why have a armament or working person after you will get both? That’ the thought method behind Nerf’ Modulus line, and therefore the Demolisher is one among its figureheads. This is one among the most effective Nerf guns out there because of that sensible 2-in-1 design, and it’ the versatile very little toy that could.

Combining a typical rifle with one thing bigger, it attaches a pump-action secondary shooter below the motorized main barrel. which means you’ll be giving birth down supressing fireplace before shooting a vast foam rocket to disrupt your opponents’ plans.

mix that with a removable stock you can replace with others and you’re left with the last word customizable blaster. It’ an excellent expert and well value considering.

Finding the best Nerf guns is simply 0.5 the battle. to form sure you’re prepared for your next Nerf shootout, you’ll ought to notice ammunition – and many of it. to assist you start (and avoid the shame of getting to pause the sport and devour your arms within the middle of a firefight), we’ve listed deals on darts below.

However, ensure to envision that Nerf gun you’re shopping for for before diving in. Some use differing types of darts, starting from classic run-of-the-mine ones to new versions that fly further. though a couple of are interchangeable (such as the Elite range), many, just like the Rival pellets, aren’t.

you’ll determine additional in our guide to low cost Nerf bullets, however here’ a fast breakdown:

Nerf Elite:(opens in new tab) Bog-standard Nerf darts. They’re compatible with virtually everything that isn’t an radical, Hyper, or Rival blaster.
Nerf Ultra(opens in new tab): New Nerf darts that fly additional than others. solely compatible with Nerf Ultra blasters.
Nerf Hyper(opens in new tab): as a result of they’re pellets instead of darts, these won’t add something that isn’t a Hyper blaster.
Nerf Rival(opens in new tab): Another set of pellets which will solely match Rival blasters (they’re larger than Hyper pellets, therefore won’t work on those either).

What Nerf gun is best?
this is often clearly a extremely subjective topic, however if you raise us, the best Nerf gun of the ton is that the Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6(opens in new tab). Sure, it’ not as high-powered because the new Nerf professional Gelfire Mythic. It doesn’t essentially have a celebration trick either in terms of extendible stocks or removable barrels. however it still manages to balance affordability with wonderful performance, and that’ all you need.

Despite being fairly cheap, it manages to hit laborious and might be discharged multiple times instead of having to be set when every shot. It’ not too large either, so younger Nerf warriors won’t be weighed down (the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm is additionally a contestant for a lot of an equivalent reason, however that one’ not so wide obtainable anymore).

However, those with a bigger budget ought to contemplate the Nerf Fortnite AR-L(opens in new tab). also as wanting awful because of being an ideal reproduction of the video game weapon, it’s a motorized mechanism that permits users to fireside ten darts in fast succession. It uses a budget Elite darts as well, therefore you won’t need to pay a fortune stocking back up.

that Nerf gun is that the most powerful?
If you’re looking down the foremost powerful Nerf gun, you’ll need to stay a watch out for motorized blasters. These use batteries to extend the speed at which they fire darts, permitting them to spit out arms at a blistering pace. to this point as we’re concerned, few will beat the Nerf Hyper Mach a hundred.

The Ernst Mach 100 is an absolute monster

ready to fireplace at a rate of one hundred ten feet per second, the Mach 100 is an absolute monster that’s faster and additional precise than most rivals. you’ll get off-brand alternatives which will probably outstrip it, of course, however no official Nerf gun can compare to the present Hyper model. simply bear in mind that it fires foam pellets instead of darts.

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