Best Grenade Spot: Since the launch of CS: GO in 2012, it has been developed and refined into a brand new game that keeps the core mechanics intact.

While the core mechanics of CS:GO are based on accuracy and determining when and where to fire on the map, one of the biggest drivers of this mechanic is the grenades used in the game.

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Dust 2 is Dust, the very popular Counter-Strike map. Although Counter-Strike 1.6 is still a work in progress, Dust 2 was created as a more refined and improved version of its predecessor. It has quickly become the most popular map on the internet and remains one of the most played maps among FPS fans around the world.

What are the top spots to throw grenades in CS: GO map Dust 2?

Since the 2017 revamp of Dirt 2, the range of some of the most popular grenades in the game has changed. In this article, we recommend the five best grenade locations on the Dirt 2 map in CS: GO. If the grenades are timed correctly, you can win more battles and take out more enemies in these five locations.

5. Towards A Long

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As of T (Terrorist) Spawn, the path from the archway leading to the Terrorist to the A site is called A Long. Novice or novice players tend to rush into their positions without using a grenade. But at the higher and professional level, dry would only get the ultimate punishment.

Therefore, in order to safely see the anti-terrorist property of A Long, the terrorist must first start flashing while running from T Spawn to A Long. Not only does this allow enemies to blink, but it also prevents your teammates from blinking, allowing for a smooth transition to Aaron.

4. Smoking off CT cross

Even if the terrorists take control of Aaron, they still have to go through the CT (Counter-Strike) Spawn to get into A. Although he can only run long distances, he is extremely dangerous. Anyone with a CT scan gets a wide angle, which captures anyone passing by.

So, to keep the aim safe, the player simply stands next to the cannon and shoots smoke, as shown in the video.

3. New Car molly

Since the Dust revamp in CS:GO, the new parking lot has been exploited by players as it provides hidden cover for A Long players.

So clearing this location is one of the most important things to do before trapping or capturing bomb point A. It can be easily cleared by placing an incendiary or incendiary bomb from A Long.

If a CS:GO player stands on top of a long barrel and throws Molotov cocktails, lined up as shown in the image below, he can easily spread fire to the vehicle’s new location and knock out hidden players. Players simply walk in and throw molotov cocktails and let it work its magic.

2. T Spawn to A Short smoke

In order for players to pass the A Short on Dust 2 map in CS: GO, they must first smoke on the sidewalk so that opponents do not smell the player’s crash. To do this, the player must first stand in the position shown in the image below.

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CS:GO players should then set up the reticle and jump as shown to effectively absorb the enemy’s vision.

1. Mid to B smoke

If a CS:GO player wants to go to the B bomb point under the overhang, there will always be a player ready to counter them with B bullets and CT Spawn. In order to eliminate the possibility of being hit by CT Spawn, the player must first jump onto the platform and then onto the chest.

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CS: GO players must then place their goal lines at this specific location. Once
is set up, all CS:GO players have to do is jump and throw smoke bombs. This will completely eliminate the Counter-Strike that inhabits the CT Spawn, forcing them to come out of the shadows and take out the terrorists.

Players can also try other game modes.

Best Grenade Spot in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Best Grenade Spot

Having a good Grenade Spot is critical to survival in a game like Counter-Strike. This is because a good spot can help you survive long enough to get out of a difficult situation, or to get to a good place for a kill. The worst part is that there are so many spots to choose from, and the ones you want might not be the best.

Molotov backsite

Taking the right nades is critical to your team’s success on Inferno. The Molotov backsite is a great example. Using the Molotov to your advantage can be a great way to destroy an area and to secure your team’s victory.

The Molotov is not only the best grenade, but also the best anti-eco round. While the Molotov is not as cheap as a HE Grenade, it is a great way to stop the flow of enemies. Molotovs can also be used to stop an enemy from rushing through, or to lock an enemy down in a corner for a moment.

The Molotov is a great way to prevent an enemy from defusing a C4 explosive. It’s also useful as a post-plant grenade, since a molotov can prevent an enemy from moving through.

T grenade spots dust 2

The Molotov’s biggest achievement is that it can be used to burn a pillar. It’s not too hard to do this, though it can be tricky to get it done right. You should also be aware that the Molotov’s spherical shape means that it’s unlikely that it will explode on all surfaces.

Using the molotov to your advantage can help your team by making it easier to take the site. There are many other grenades that can help you do the same thing, such as the Flashbang, but the Molotov is the most obvious choice.

A Molotov is also a great tool to use in the Hostage Scenario. If you can get a molotov on an enemy’s shoulder, you can trap them in the smoke and prevent them from advancing. If you are on the receiving end, the Molotov’s burns are more powerful than its HE counterpart.

CT Spawn

Using the best grenade spot for CT Spawn can be a key factor in a winning CS:GO team. It can help to deter a team from pushing through the Middle and to help teammates push through long doors. Having smoke grenades can help keep enemies from shooting in the back and can be used to block vision.

Getting a good view of the B doors is important when trying to push in. If you’re pushing in from the CT Mid, you can fire a Molotov on the back platform before entering the B doors.

To use the scrooge door, you’ll need to stand in the left corner. You’ll need to aim at the top of the blue line and at the grey spot above the small window.

Best grenade spots dust 2

The best grenade spot for CT Spawn can be a great place to stop enemies from pushing through the Middle and the Catwalk to Short. It can also be used to prevent quick rotates through the CT spawn. You’ll need to make sure that you’re positioned in the right spot though.

If you’re planning to use a smoke grenade, you should aim slightly above the horizontal wire and above the third pattern in a row. You should also throw it from a running start. This will help prevent the explosion from landing on the roof of the building.

If you’re not using smokes, you can also use a molly grenade to delay the enemy from planting a bomb. This will give you more time to move into the B doors. You can also use a molly grenade to eliminate players who are hiding.

To throw a grenade, you’ll need to move your mouse up and to the right. Then, you’ll need to hold right click to prepare a grenade lob.

Double Doors

Using the best grenade spots on Dust 2 will help you to control the opposing team’s angles and take control of the map. There are several best grenade spots on Dust 2, including smoke X-box and a smoke grenade throw spot.

Smoke X-box is the best grenade spot on Dust 2. It enables players to jump through a smoke X-box that is built into the corner of the structure. The grenade spot allows players to jump through the X-box while a smoke grenade is placed on top.

The smoke grenade throw spot is a good spot to use when a player is trying to cross to the Underpass. This is one of the best grenade spots on Dust 2. It’s a good spot to use because it covers a part of the building that CT can’t see. Besides that, it gives players a good view of the Underpass.

Est grenade spots dust 2

A Smoke A Short is another one of the best grenade spots in Dust 2. This grenade spot is great for players who are pushing through A Long doors. The smoke grenade throw spot is located on the right side of the building. It also covers the other arch on the B site.

The A site in Dust 2 has a lot of different grenades to choose from. These include HE grenades, incendiary grenades, and molotov grenades. These are perfect for counter-terrorists to use.

The B site in Dust 2 is also a good place to use a smoke grenade. This is because there are defenders who will try to sneak in through the B window. If they can’t get inside, they can hear the players coming through the window.

A Short

Having an idea on the best grenade spots can give you an edge against the opposing team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There are many players that camp in the car area, so having a good grenade spot can help you gain an advantage. These spots can also be used to confuse the enemy.

One of the best spots to throw grenades in CS:GO is at the B-Base. This is because the grenade can scatter players, which can give you an advantage. If the enemy team thinks that they are safe, then they will not be able to fire at you.

Mistakes made by players and gamers

Choosing the best grenade spot isn’t as easy as one would expect. While a plethora of grenade choices are available, selecting the one with the most perks isn’t quite as simple as picking the daffodil from the daisy. This is especially true if you’re in a co-op scenario. The first order of business is to make sure that you’re not being pounded by your squad.

Grenade spots dust 2

This is not to mention the countless other perils that plague a budding bum. Fortunately, there’s a small window of opportunity to eschew the melee and make yourself at home. With that said, here are some tips for choosing the best grenade spot.

  • How do I get good at Dust 2?

    nexa explained: “The most important thing you can do on Dust II is learning how to use your AWPer effectively both on T and CT side because if you can get your AWPer to be comfortable and start making picks and aggressive plays, this is how you shut your opponent down on both sides.”ADD IMAGE
  • Why is it called Dust 2?

    Chris “MacMan” Ashton helped provide textures for the map. Johnston originally titled it “Dust 3” because he did not think it was a worthy successor to Dust; before the game’s launch it was retitled Dust II.ADD IMAGE
  • Is Dust 2 the most iconic map?
    Dust 2 is not only the most popular map of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but also very popular in Counter-Strike 1.6 , Condition Zero .ADD IMAGE


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