The MultiVersus characters listing has obtained some other addition, as we’ve the ruler of Kahndaq, Black Adam himself, becoming a member of the roster of fighters. In fight he calls on superpowers received from the historic Egyptian gods, capable of harness thunder and lightning assaults to surprise opponents, summon an electromagnetic forcefield to dam out enemy projectiles, and use his flying capacity for aerial moves.

Each member of the MultiVersus characters listing is taken care of into a particular preventing magnificence that has its personal person style, because of this that it`s great to test with the exceptional alternatives you’ve got got to be had and notice how they suit together along with your non-public playstyle in case you need to emerge victorious.

Now that MultiVersus characters Season 1 is properly underway, there is a warfare byskip to degree up and masses of characters to attempt out – DC man or woman Black Adam is the closing of the presently showed additions to MultiVersus, however there are plenty of different a laugh leaks concerning who can be becoming a member of the roster later.

Below, we have got indexed the entirety you want to understand underneath approximately MultiVersus characters, such as a whole listing of all of the ones launched so far, the way to release them, which characters are top-tier choices, and who can be becoming a member of the fray withinside the future.


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The great characters in MultiVersus characters are probably going to alternate over time – the sport is presently nevertheless in open beta, after all – however we have got visible a few standouts and a few early winners from the contemporary roster that we suppose are really well worth mentioning. We’ll cowl them underneath in an updated tier listing:

  • S Tier: Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Tom and Jerry
  • A Tier: LeBron James, Finn, Jake, Bugs Bunny, Velma, Shaggy, Rick, Stripe
  • B Tier: Arya Stark, Steven Universe, Taz, Morty, Gizmo, Black Adam
  • C Tier: Reindog, Garnet, Velma, Wonder Woman, Iron Giant

There’s lots to cowl here, and plenty of will disagree with our rankings, as they do with any preventing sport or similar. The real distinction among characters in phrases of uncooked strength is not huge – MultiVersus has balanced them nicely – however there actually is a few inequality in strength.

That being said, preserve in thoughts that the great man or woman in MultiVersus characters is usually the man or woman you are great with, and that grabbing a S-tier man or woman you are now no longer acquainted will fail whilst as compared to a C-tier you’ve got mastered.

Superman: This is a contentious one, however we`re firmly withinside the pro-Superman camp. Supe’s aerial control, flexible moveset, and splendidly powerful specials make him a fantastic option, particularly for amateur gamers, however additionally for knowledgeable combatants. The side-unique is a specifically accurate attack, permitting you to successfully teleport and release a sturdy strike upon reappearing.

Tom and Jerry: At the alternative stop of the scale, this chaotic pair is especially difficult to become familiar with, however when you do, they may be a powerhouse group with few equals. The strange, unpredictable moveset works properly at variety and is truely accurate at catching enemies unawares, as Jerry is a type of residing projectile that may be managed and instructed around – aleven though now no longer with out practice. Keep in thoughts that those paintings loads higher for group video games than for MultiVersus 1v1.

Harley Quinn: The Bird of Prey is fast, difficult-hitting, with a numerous moveset and a few wildcard attacks, now no longer to say losing traps at the back of her. She can reposition herself quite quickly, leaving a path of destruction in her wake that many gamers might not be equipped for.

Batman: DC truely owns the pinnacle tier, as Batman gives various smart status-causing abilties and powers that make him quite effective at any variety, in spite of technically being classed as a short-variety bruiser. The grapple hook is the actual standout here, because it lets in you to zip throughout the area to foes or gadgets and plant a effective kick whilst you arrive. Learn the way to use all of Bat’s numerous toys, and you may hardly ever lose.



Initially there has been a particular set of MultiVersus characters at the roster who had been to be had to apply immediately away, however that has now modified in prefer of a ‘Free Rotation’ device in which 4 combatants are spread out for all and sundry to apply and the choice adjustments each weeks or so.

To completely have a man or woman to be had so that you can pick them for upcoming battles they want to be unlocked, that you do via way of means of assembly release situations or spending Gold Coins earned via way of means of gambling matches, ticking off missions, or levelling up – as soon as you have stored up sufficient of this in-recreation currency, those purchases are made via the Collection menu via way of means of choosing the padlocked man or woman then hitting the Unlock button at the lowest of the screen.

You also can pay for MultiVersus characters with Gleamium or Character Tickets, unique MultiVersus currencies which can be typically locked at the back of paywalls or the war pass. The circumstance or fee of unlocking MultiVersus characters is as follows:

  • Arya Stark: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Batman: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Black Adam: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Bugs Bunny: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Finn: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Garnet: 1,500 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Gizmo: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Harley Quinn: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • The Iron Giant: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Jake: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • LeBron James: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Morty: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Reindog: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Rick: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Shaggy: Complete the Intro Tutorial
  • Steven Universe: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Stripe: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Superman: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Taz: 1,500 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Tom and Jerry: 3,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Velma: 2,000 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket
  • Wonder Woman: 1,500 Gold Coins/700 Gleamium/1 Character Ticket

Previously you may release Wonder Woman via way of means of finishing the intro tutorial, however as of replace 1.03 this has now switched to Shaggy instead. It’s really well worth bringing up that Wonder Woman reappears withinside the MultiVersus knockback tutorial, which has prompted problems massive sufficient to warrant its very own guide.

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MultiVersus characterspresently carries the subsequent playable characters at time of writing, with greater at the manner in destiny updates.

  • Arya Stark – Game of Thrones
  • Batman – DC
  • Black Adam – DC
  • Bugs Bunny – Looney Tunes
  • Finn The Human – Adventure Time
  • Garnet – Steven Universe
  • Gizmo – Gremlins
  • Harley Quinn – DC
  • The Iron Giant – The Iron Giant
  • Jake The Dog – Adventure Time
  • LeBron James – Space Jam: A New Legacy
  • Morty – Rick and Morty
  • Reindog – MultiVersus
  • Rick – Rick and Morty
  • Shaggy – Scooby-Doo
  • Steven Universe – Steven Universe
  • Stripe – Gremlins
  • Superman – DC
  • Taz – Looney Tunes
  • Tom and Jerry – Tom and Jerry
  • Velma – Scooby-Doo
  • Wonder Woman – DC

Most of those names you may realise from television, film, and comedian ee-e book appearances, aleven though Reindog is an exception as they may be an entirely


With the appearance of Black Adam, we`ve exhausted the modern-day listing of showed and upcoming MultiVersus characters for Season 1. There will no question be a few greater characters showed as we make our manner closer to Season 2, so we’re going to replace this listing accordingly.


  • The Animaniacs – Animaniacs
  • Ben 10 – Ben 10
  • Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones
  • Duck Dodgers/Daffy Duck – Looney Tunes
  • Fred Flintstone – The Flintstones
  • Gandalf  – The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
  • Godzilla – Godzilla
  • Harry Potter – Harry Potter
  • The Hound – Game of Thrones
  • Johnny Bravo – Johnny Bravo
  • Joker – DC/Batman
  • Mad Max – Mad Max
  • Marvin the Martian – Looney Tunes
  • The Powerpuff Girls – Powerpuff Girls
  • Raven – DC/Teen Titans
  • Samurai Jack – Samurai Jack
  • Scooby-Doo – Scooby-Doo
  • Scorpion – Mortal Kombat
  • Ted Lasso – Ted Lasso
  • Wicked Witch of the West – The Wizard of Oz

Each of the MultiVersus characters sits inside one in all 5 moveset training, along side one in all 3 directional training. The directional training are much less important, as they simply offer an at-a-look affirmation of whether or not their movements are higher acceptable to Horizontal or Vertical combat, or a Hybrid of the . However, the pass set training will have an effect on their preventing fashion as follows:

Assassin class

  • Arya Stark – Hybrid (Expert)
  • Finn The Human – Horizontal
  • Harley Quinn – Vertical
  • Stripe – Hybrid

Assassins are all approximately dealing a excessive quantity of harm from near variety, regularly with guns. By usually dealing greater harm than your warring parties, you may beat them into submission.

Bruiser class

  • Batman – Vertical
  • Black Adam – Hybrid (Expert)
  • Garnet – Horizontal (Recommended)
  • Jake The Dog – Hybrid
  • LeBron James – Hybrid
  • Morty – Horizontal (Expert)
  • Shaggy – Hybrid (Recommended)
  • Taz – Horizontal

Bruisers are preferred all-rounders, with a fixed of movements which are less difficult to recognize than maximum. Don’t underestimate them though, as they may nevertheless have a few particular competencies to assist them stand out.

Mage class

  • Bugs Bunny – Hybrid
  • Rick – Horizontal (Expert)
  • Tom and Jerry – Hybrid (Expert)

Mages specialize in dealing harm from a distance, regularly through the usage of guns or different tricks. This cappotential lets in you to assault warring parties from throughout the stage, even as staying out of variety in their near combat.

Support class

  • Gizmo – Hybrid
  • Reindog – Horizontal
  • Steven Universe – Horizontal (Expert)
  • Velma – Horizontal

As the call suggests, Supports have competencies to assist the opposite participant to your co-op group. This ought to contain defensive them (and yourself) from harm, the usage of a tether to forestall them falling off the edge, or supplying restoration in a backup role. Expect to accept numerous MultiVersus Toast in case you are appropriate at this.

Tank class

  • The Iron Giant – Hybrid (Expert)
  • Superman – Hybrid
  • Wonder Woman – Horizontal (Recommended)

Tanks have a strong footing, this means that they are more difficult to knock lower back and in flip greater tough to hit out of the area. They have a mixture of offensive and protecting movements, that means you may assist defend your group even as nevertheless dealing harm.

You must make your preference from the MultiVersus roster primarily based totally on how your playstyle suits as much as a specific pass set, and endure in thoughts their directionality while coming near your attacks. In the principle 2 vs 2 co-op mode it is useful to select out training that supplement every different, so that you get the maximum advantage from every in their competencies.

Note that Garnet, Shaggy, and Wonder Woman are Recommended MultiVersus characters to start off with as they are less difficult to become familiar with, even as Arya Stark, Black Adam, The Iron Giant, Morty, Rick, Steven Universe, and Tom & Jerry are taken into consideration Expert choices for gamers after they grow to be higher skilled.

Unlike the alternative MultiVersus characters, Reindog stands proud as a completely new advent specially made for the game. According to his bio, Reindog is a Guardian of the Zanifeer royal own circle of relatives, who fell sufferer to the Nothing whilst the extraordinary dimensional cataclysm become triggered. As the most effective survivor from Zanifeer, Reindog hopes that the gem of electricity he wears can assist him discover a manner to deliver again the own circle of relatives he become sworn to protect. Right now this data doesn`t make a massive quantity of sense, however we will assume extra of the game’s storyline to be exposed over the years to assist tie matters collectively extra coherently.

MultiVersus characters FAQ

What are MultiVersus characters?

MultiVersus characters are a new kind of character that can be used in a variety of ways. They come in different shapes, sizes and forms. They have their own personalities, skills and abilities.

What are the main uses for MultiVersus characters?

MultiVersus characters are a type of artificial intelligence that can be used to generate content.MultiVersus characters are also known as “Artificial Intelligence writers”. They are not the same as AI writers.

How do I use a MultiVersus character?

MultiVersus character is a Unicode character that is used in different languages to represent the sound of a consonant. It is also used to represent vowels.

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